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We offer telehealth counseling services to residents of Vermont and South Carolina.


Body Image

Disordered Eating & Eating Disorders


Life Transitions

& Religion

We take a therapeutic approach rooted in  mindfulness and acceptance practices that help you build a life that's rich and meaningful. (Not sure what that would look like for you? We're here to help with that, too.)

All of our services are provided via a HIPAA-secure telehealth platform - all you'll need is a device with an Internet connection! We are currently able to work with individuals living in Vermont and South Carolina.

About Our Services

Convenient, compassionate counseling through telehealth.

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therapeutic approach

Kate believes that her clients are the experts on their own lives and that their lived experiences and decisions, especially those made to prioritize their safety, are paramount. Primary of her tasks, then, is listening, creating a relationship that is safe, respectful, and empowering. 

Kate is a non-diet mental health clinician and Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor practicing from within the Health at Every Size paradigm. 

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how we work

Acceptance & Commitment Therapy

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy allows for the possibility of accepting what is beyond one's control, being present in the moment, and committing to actions aligned with personal values to improve overall well-being.

Internal Family Systems

Internal Family Systems is a therapeutic modality which seeks to understand and balance the many “parts” that develop internally to protect us.

Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing

EMDR is a unique and exciting type of psychotherapy that enables people to heal from the symptoms and emotional distress that are the result of disturbing life experiences or trauma. With EMDR, people can experience the benefits of psychotherapy more quickly with equal, if not increased, efficacy.

Kate is a real person who shows up with her whole self to therapy (i.e. she laughs! she curses!). She believes in her clients' autonomy and safety, and allows their preferences and goals to guide treatment. She uses a variety of clinical interventions, and she never tires of witnessing the transformation that occurs in the therapeutic space. 

To make a long story short...

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Initial Session

50 minutes | $200

55 minutes | $150

Continuing Care

Fees & Investment

Because Among the Trees Counseling & Wellness values your confidentiality, the freedom to make individualized treatment recommendations, & the opportunity to build long-term relationships with the people we serve, we do not currently accept insurance. 

However, we are happy to provide you with a superbill (services receipt) that you can submit to your insurance provider. Depending on your plan, out-of-network benefits often reimburse some to most of the cost of our sessions.

A Note from Kate:

I remember being in the thick of my own recovery journey, daily trying and failing to make changes in long-held patterns and belief systems, and feeling like maybe this was it…maybe this was just “my thing,” and I needed to get on board with the possibility that it wasn’t going to get any better. 

But I kept going. With support, I did get better. And on this side of it, it is so. much. better. 


take care,

Now I make it my mission to hold onto hope - hope that you may not feel yet - that the same is possible for you. That the hurt, overwhelm, and fear that you feel is not “it” for you, either. And that there is meaning and satisfaction, ease, joy, and lightness on the other side of it. 

I’m so glad that you’re taking this next brave step. Thank you for being here, and I look forward to hearing from you! 

It is not an exaggeration to say that working with Kate has changed my life.

At 49 years old, I really didn’t think it was possible – I would jokingly say I’d been on a diet since 1979, but that was true. An enormous amount of my time daily – and an enormous amount of money and emotional and physical energy – had always gone into what I ate, was going to eat, had eaten, and how and when I was going to work out. Kate gently and patiently helped me change the way I thought about food, my body, and so much more. If you had asked me three years ago if I’d ever be this free and happy, and that I would not be able to tell you what I ate yesterday, I never would have believed you. The ‘magic bullet’ I’d been searching for since the 1980s was actually a person: Kate Morris.

Kate is a joy to work with.

An amazing listener with the unusual combination of a modern, forward-thinking education and old-fashioned common sense, Kate is a joy to work with. Funny, insightful, and patient, she has gently guided me in so many aspects of my life – or rather, she has helped me guide myself. It is like she has shone a light for me, and I am so much happier, mentally and physically healthier, and calmer than I was before I started working with her.

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