Frequently Asked Questions

Need a little more info? Here are quick + easy answers to the questions I get the most! If you can't find what you're looking for, contact me here!

What is Therapy?

Therapy is a unique opportunity to reflect on the things that you’re thinking and feeling, struggling with and celebrating with someone who wants to listen and has some idea as to what might help. Therapy is a collaborative process - led by you, guided by your therapist - that is safe and warm, but also wonderfully, wildly transformative. 

How do I know if therapy is right for me?

Of course, we’re biased, but we really do believe that everyone can benefit from therapy in some way. It’s particularly helpful for folks who notice that painful emotions, tricky thoughts, or problematic behaviors are impacting their day-to-day life. But it can also help fine tune a communication hiccup in your relationship, shift a long held pattern that no longer feels like it’s working, ease the transition to a new life stage, or finally make space for that thing that catches your breath at 2am. 

How will I know if therapy is working?

This is tricky, because while “feeling better” may be a goal, the work of therapy can sometimes necessitate that things get harder before they get easier. That said, a good clue that therapy is working is that you feel like you’re part of a team. No longer is this your thing to figure out on your own, but rather, you’re working together with someone you trust to process stress, learn new skills, break existing patterns, improve your relationship with others or yourself, and/or pursue your goals. That alone is huge, and a good indication that therapy is heading in the right direction. 

How long does therapy last?

You probably know what we’re going to say, right? It depends! Some clients rely on therapy intermittently, as things come up. They work through individual issues - receiving support, learning new coping skills, and/or changing a behavior or the way that they think about a specific something. And some clients come to see therapy as a more permanent touchstone in their life, a space that allows them to be vulnerable, reflective, and supported in both the inevitable week-to-week frustrations, as well as the longstanding beliefs and behavior patterns that may or may not support the life that they’d like to live now. 

I’m interested in working with you! How do I proceed?

Yay! What works for you? You can fill out the contact form on the website, email Kate at, or give us a call at 802-552-0882. You can decide if you’d like to schedule a free 15 minute consultation or if you’d rather go ahead and schedule an initial appointment. Once something is scheduled, you’ll receive paperwork via email, all of which can be completed online, and we’ll go from there!

Do you work with a team?

Kate absolutely believes in the value of collaborative care, that is, multiple providers communicating with each other about a shared client’s unique treatment needs. This not only ensures that care is comprehensive and consistent, but can also enhance the understanding and creativity with which we can approach treatment. With a client’s consent, Kate works closely with some incredible non-diet dietitians as well as other community providers, including primary care providers, psychiatrists, hospital social workers, and physical therapists. 

Do you take insurance?

Because Among the Trees Counseling & Wellness values your confidentiality, the freedom to make individualized treatment recommendations, & the opportunity to build long-term relationships with the people we serve, we do not currently accept insurance. However, we are happy to provide you with a superbill (services receipt) that you can submit to your insurance provider. Depending on your plan, out-of-network benefits often reimburse some to most of the cost of our sessions.

Where do we meet?

Among the Trees Counseling and Wellness uses a secure, HIPAA-compliant telehealth platform called Simple Practice. You will get a link several days and then again an hour before your meeting with a unique link to access your appointment. And you probably know the drill from there. It helps to have a quiet, confidential space, a secure internet connection, and a warm (or cool - you do you!) beverage.

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